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Tuungane. Tujikuze. Tunawiri.

With Sanduk, you can hold, send, and receive Digital Dollars  effortlessly. No more worrying about fluctuating exchange rates.

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Your Control.

A new era of Digital Finance.

Unlock the Power of Digital Dollars and Lightning-Fast Cross-Border Transactions.

Digital Dollar Account

Gain access to a secure USD account without monthly fees or minimum balances.

Safeguard your Wealth

Save in USD and shield your money from the risks of local currency devaluation.

Send Money for FREE

Instantly send money to your friends and family across borders within minutes.

Competitive Exchange Rates

Enjoy competitive exchange rates that maximize the value of

your money.

Regulated Partners

We handle your privacy securely and comply with industry standards and regulations.

Military Grade Security

Military-grade encryption protocols and 24/7 monitoring to ensure the highest level of security.

Time is money, save both.


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